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SW Developer (Team) (m/w/d)


Shape our digital future in our emerging digital HUB.
For building up a new SW Developer HUB, we are looking for 5-6 experienced SW developers (ideally a well-rehearsed team) in the first step, who in addition to the pure "coding" have a keen eye on the further development of the HUB. 

 Shaping our future with creativity!

  • YOU and the TEAM play the central role in setting up the newly emerging Developer HUB, for which we have great flexibility in the selection of the exact space
  • In addition to the software development, the team will be responsible for the further development of the HUB in close cooperation with the DEHN digital solutions in Neumarkt, Germany

 We want you!

  • YOU and the TEAM will be responsible for existing software developments that are currently externally managed, the transformation to a state-of-the-art ecommerce offering, as well as the development of new servies into a coherent DEHN service platform
  • YOU and the TEAM will work closely together with our product owners, software architects, our test management team, as well as our agile coach
  • YOU and the TEAM work with frameworks such as Scrum or Clean Coding and take full responsibility for the implementation of the requirements defined by the product owner
  • YOU and the TEAM are actively involved in software uality process (e.g. Build automation and testing), which includes the topic of software security
  • YOU and the TEAM use the possibilities of the cloud for dynamic, rapid development (e.g. DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Integration, Docker, Azure, IaC) and ensure that we always remain state-of-the-art
  • In addition to the software development you have a close interface to the management of the DEHN digital solutions to adress bottlenecks and to ensure the further improvement and development of the HUB

 This is how you can score with us! 

  • Enthusiasm for the development of new servies, but also for taking over complex existing software products as well as the transformation of standalone products to a coherent global service platform
  • The team is familiar with Python, Angular, React, Java, Maven, Git, Azure, MariaDB and NoSQL
  • Relevant professional experience with agile software development - ideally in global, virtual and interdisciplinary teams
  • Several years of practical experience in agile software development
  • Team players with a pronounced sense of responsibility, initiative and 100% willingsness to continunously develop
  • You are a mixed and diverse team with different and complementary skillset, ideally also with one or two senior developers
  • Very good knowledge of English (C1 or C2)


 What do we offer?

  • Our Developer HUB is under construction. 
  • Exciting tasks, project responsibility and designing the HUB
  • Able to develop and bring in your ideas and unique perspectives
  • We pay attractively and will equip you and the HUB with modern equipment
  • Cool team events in Neumarkt as well as in your location

 Interested? Apply now!

If you have any questions, please contact Hanna Meier (+49 9181 906-1902).


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Das Unternehmen in Zahlen:

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